Participation Fee

 Since opening in 1959, Los Ranchitos Cabana Club has relied on volunteers to operate and keep Membership Dues low. After trying numerous methods to increase participation, the Board voted to implement a $50 Refundable Participation Fee for each New and Returning Membership starting in 2017.  The Participation Fee is not charged to Lifetime Members, Incoming and Returning Board/Committee Members and Senior Members.
How do I get my Participation Fee Refunded?
  • Perform a job/task for the Club. This can be either by a direct ask from the Club (for example, the Members who volunteered to be Elections Officials at Open House/Election) or by signing up for and completing an opportunity HERE (Note: this list is not complete and additional opportunities will be added over the season). Please note: any volunteer work done as part of swim team parent commitment does not qualify for the Participation Fee Refund.
  • Submit Participation Fee Refund Request HERE (note: allow 2-3 weeks for processing). A check will be mailed to the name/address input on the form
  • If you incur expenses as part of this job, submit a Reimbursement Request, found HERE

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