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Pool Remodel Plans

The following PDF documents show the latest remodel plans as of 8/7/11. Feel free to comment, using the form below.

Click on the links below to view the files or right-click on the links to save the files.

  1. Aerial View of Remodel
  2. Existing Pool/Demolition Plan
  3. Proposed Floor Plan
  4. Exterior Elevations and Sections
  5. Interior Restroom Elevation
  6. Roof Plan Details
  7. Plumbing/Mechanical Plan
  8. Electrical Plan
  9. Topographic Map
  10. Grading and Drainage Plan
  11. Notes, Legend & Details
  12. Standard Pool Structural Plan
  13. Pool Plan
  14. Pool Section and Details
  15. Pool Notes and Specifications
  16. 2″ Hydrostatic Relief Valve

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  1. paul russell

    Hey Dave,
    Wow! How exciting!
    I did notice, however, that the aerial pool view shows the handicap lift on the right side of the pool. The pool plan shows the lift next to the current steps. This would interfere with swim team.
    Just FYI, the plans could get rejected from the city because the plans don’t match.

  2. Dave D'Ambrosio

    Hi Paul,
    Good Catch! The handicap lifts are actually sleeves in the deck. The actual lift we will keep in storage until use. Any empty sleeve may also hold an umbrella.

  3. Thomas

    Any slides or jump boards? In regards to jump boards many ask about that.

    1. Dave DAmbrosio

      We currently have no plans for a jump board or permanent slide

  4. Thomas

    When will work begin and end?

    1. Dave DAmbrosio

      The current schedule is looking like 9/26/11 thru 4/19/12.

  5. Janice Avellar

    Why is the shallow end starting at 3 1/2 (42″) feet? Having attended a party at the Westgate Cabana Club recently, I realized how nice it is that our pool is shallower. 3 feet (36″) is much friendly for the 4-6 yr olds. My 5 1/2 yr old couldn’t comfortably touch the bottom at the Westgate CC, so he lost his confidence and didn’t want to stay in the pool. It’s been my observation that many of the members of the Los Ranchitos CC have small children.

    1. Dave DAmbroiso

      There were many factors that went into the depth and overall size of the pool. Consulting with pool designers, pool builders, aquatic professionals and market trends is how depth and size was determined. The club has swim programs that include private lessons, group lessons and a swim team to help gain confidence in the water. We made an extra effort to make the shallow end as large as possible.

  6. Paula V.

    As a lap swimming adult I have to say I like the depth where it is if not deeper. I already scrape my knuckles in the shallow end when doing freestyle. I have kids too so I know where you are coming from but I wouldn’t want to see it any shallower.

  7. Bob Coffey

    I am sure every body has an “extra they would like. Mine is provisions for a couple of posts to make it so we could also use the basket ball area for volley ball or badmittion or?

    1. Dave DAmbrosio

      The basket ball area is a little small for volleyball because of its surroundings but possibly badminton or ….

  8. Vian Davis

    Are there any plans to add a swim suit “wringer” machine in the bathrooms?
    Can’t wait until next season to see the new pool!

  9. Dave DAmbrosio

    We looked at a swim suit dryer but currently do not have plans for one.

  10. Vian Davis

    are there plans for more lighting along the paths, around the pool and on the playground so kids can be safe when it gets dark in the evenings? We’ve spent some great evenings at the pool this summer, but after it gets dark around 8.30/9pm, it hard to see your stuff (flip flops, goggles) and gather it all up to leave.

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