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The LRCC board and staff are here to help you. Below is contact information, along with emails for committees.

Email is the most reliable method of contact, especially during the off-season when phone messages may be checked infrequently.

Name Contact Notes
Dave Meck President, Board of Directors
Mike Salib Vice President, Board of Directors
Garner Morris Secretary, Board of Directors
Rob Rothrock Treasurer, Board of Directors
Ralene Wasielewski Membership
Karen Bellantoni Director at Large, Board of Directors
Jac Condella Director at Large, Board of Directors
Dan Tuchler Director at Large, Director Board of Directors
Carol Hanuska Payroll and Bookkeeping
Ed Bangle
Jac Condella
Daniel Ruegemer Facilities and pool maintenance
Celeste Gaither Sharks Swim Team
OPEN Swim Lessons
Dave Meck Aquatics
Renae Jennings Lifeguard Schedules
Robyn Riedstra Party Reservations
Keith Leonard Gardner
Ken Pyle LRCC Webmaster, Wireless issues
408-866-9977 LRCC Pay Phone
408-364-1022 LRCC Business Phone

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