2017 Welcome & Signup

Greetings Sharks — Welcome to the 2017 Swim Team Season!

Thank you for your patience while the Club’s Webmaster finalized our new on-line registration! The link below will provide you with all the information you need to join the Sharks Swim Team and Los Ranchitos Cabana Club. We look forward to seeing your family in the Shark Tank!

Please note: Los Ranchitos is currently in the process of moving web service providers. To finalize the move, www.lrcc.org will be down for 1-2 days. Dates are TBD but are likely to be March 1-2. Updates will be posted on the Club’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please read the following prior to beginning the registration process. This is long but provides critical information that all families need to know prior to registering:

  • Registration will not be considered unless complete. This includes payment and required information (see below)
  • Plan on the process taking 20-30 minutes as there is a lot of required information
  • You can’t save part of the application – please plan on doing it in one shot.
  • There are three parts to applying that must be completed in order for your application to be considered: Club/Swim Team Registration and payment, Sharks Required Information, Meet Attendance Form.
  • You will need to have the following information: doctor name/address/phone, dentist name/address/phone, Medical and Dental Insurance info (including group number/member ID), emergency contact information, and your summer schedule (for Meet Attendance)

To be guaranteed a spot, register early!
We cap the number of swimmers in each age group so we can evenly balance our team. As such, certain age groups fill more rapidly than others! Last year our roster was full and swimmers were turned away.

Returning swimmers have priority registration until the LRCC Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 25, 2017 from 10:00am-12:00pm.

New Swimmers to the team will be granted on a first come, first need, first served basis after returning swimmers are registered.

Confirmation of placement on the team or wait list placement will be sent via email the Monday after the LRCC Annual Meeting (March 27, 2017). Full Cabana Club members have priority.

AttendanceImportant Dates to Know
We are a competitive recreational team; not a practice only team. Swimmers are asked to attend at least three practices per week and are expected to swim at each of the swim meets including champs. Swimmers are required by league rules to attend at least 2 meets in order to qualify for Champs. You will be required to fill out a meet attendance form during the registration process, so have your summer calendar handy.

2017 Swim Team Registration Fees
Swim team registration fees pay for up to five days per week of swim team coaching, facility usage fees, pasta feed, pancake breakfast, individual and team photos, four summer dual meets, the championship meet, and the awards ceremony. Fees are all inclusive, partial refunds are not granted for absences: including weekly practices, meets social events and/or team pictures.

1st swimmer – $210
2nd swimmer – $150
each additional swimmer – $110

Should you become a full member of the Cabana Club, you do not have to pay the additional program membership fee.

LRCC Membership fees (full membership in the Cabana Club) are as follows:

New/Lapsed Member (not a member in 2016): $700/$675 until 11:59pm March 25, 2017
Returning Member (member in 2016): $665/$640 until 11:59pm March 25, 2017

Additional Program Membership fees for swimmers who are not full members of the Cabana Club are as follows:

1st swimmer $200
2nd swimmer $150
each additional swimmer $100

Program Membership allows swimmers the privilege of using the Cabana Club during all swim practices, swim meets, and swim team related activities. This fee provides insurance coverage for swimmers using the pool in addition to absorbing a portion of the cost for pool maintenance, chemicals, supplies, and other associated costs. Note: these fees do not allow non-cabana club members use of the pool at any time other than swim team practice and meets nor do they include voting rights. Program Members cannot book parties at LRCC.

Swimmers who are 18 years of age by May 31, 2017 and register by April 30th, may swim without paying swim team registration fees and are not required to fulfill any volunteer obligation. Swim-a-thon and additional program member fees (if applicable) will still apply. Please contact us at sharks at lrcc dot org PRIOR to registering to obtain discount code to use in registration to receive discount.

Early Bird Discount! $30, 1st swimmer discount (only) for swim team registrations RECEIVED before 11:59pm on March 12, 2017.

Minimum swim-a-thon obligation of $50 per family will be collected with registration.

Refund Policy – Swim team is designed to develop swimmers for competition in a social and fun environment. It is not designed to take the place of swim lessons. For safety and insurance reasons, if your swimmer cannot swim the length of the pool (not width) within the first two weeks of practice, he/she will be dropped form the team and a full refund of swim team registration fees will be given. For any other swimmer terminating prior to May 8th, a charge of $25 per week will be deducted against any refund given. No refunds after May 8th. LRCC offers swim lessons for all levels and ages — See www.lrcc.org (look under Swim Lessons) for details!

Parent Participation – All swimmers under the age of 18 must have one parent or other responsible adult contribute approximately 25 hours per family over the course of the swim season. These hours are to be completed by working shifts at every swim meet in which your swimmer is entered, 1 time trial job and 2 team social events. Families who do not work their shifts will be assessed a $50 non-compliance fee per missed shift.

The Sharks Swim Team is a completely volunteer-run organization — including your Parent Committee. It truly takes all of us working together to create summer memories for our swimmers. We thank you in advance for helping us!

Practice Groups – Questions regarding placement in groups can be answered by the coach at the beginning of practices. As a swimmer develops during the season, the Coach may ask your swimmer to switch to another group.

The three practice groups are generally defined as follows:

Whale Sharks: Ages 8 and under who are new to the team and still learning the four competitive strokes. Swimmers must be water safe and capable of being in the deep end of the pool. Emphases is on learning the stroke technique and FUN.

Leopard Sharks: Ages 6-12 who can swim entire laps without stopping, have basic knowledge of all four competitive strokes (although still developing) and are capable of enduring slightly longer practices. Emphasis is on learning stroke technique and FUN.

Tiger Sharks: Ages 10 and up who have complete knowledge of all four strokes and greater endurance to complete longer sets and longer practice times. Regular attendance is expected. Increased emphasis on technique and endurance.

WOW! That was a lot of information……Thank you for reading!

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